Is everyone in your village or town as active, well, cared for and connected as they could be? We can help you understand and explore why not, inspire you with examples and ideas of how co-operative, community-led solutions can help you change that.

How the project works

We have now allocated most of the specialist support and small pots of funding for pioneer groups that is available until the end of 2017. You can still use our ‘pioneer guide’ to develop your idea for an enterprising, co-operative solution to health and wellbeing needs, or get in touch with us.


…a cultural shift that needs to take place for everyone that ‘health’ is not something that happens (only) in a hospital – but something that is part of the general web of our lives: in our workplace, our leisure, our interactions and our homes.

Nick Temple, Deputy CEO, Social Enterprise UK

Fit for the Future - 5 quick reflections

Two shop helpers with fresh produce (Plunkett image)