Dutch Village Care Co-ops

Helping people stay in their community.

A young carer with an elderly woman

Involves: professionals, volunteers, village community

Context: Care services are funded through a national insurance system.

Cost: ?

Hoogeloon in the municipality of Bladel in North Brabant province has just over 2,100 residents. In 2005, the first care co-operative in the Netherlands was set up there. The cooperative and its 200 members work to preserve and develop care services and facilities. As a result, senior citizens, the chronically ill and disabled people can continue to live in their own village, even when demand for care increases.

How does it work?

  • The co-op provides services in the fields of consultations, meals, domestic aid, garden maintenance, transport and day care
  • It uses a mix of professionals and volunteers
  • Volunteers help with weekly lunches or training people in using mobility scooters
  • The whole village is encouraged to help shape services and what else the co-op could provide
  • 14 homes for seniors and a support centre for seniors from the entire village was built in 2008/09, working with a housing association

Find out more about the Dutch Village Co-op and how it works, inspired by a history of agricultural co-ops!



200 out of 2,100 residents are members



senior homes and support centre built