Japanese Han Groups

Small health groups with professional support.

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  • Involves: larger co-ops, individual members, health professionals
  • Context: A national insurance system funds health and nursing services in Japan. Co-operatives run hospitals, dental practices, centres for primary health care and nursing homes.
  • Cost: ?

A Han-group is a basic unit of health and welfare co-ops, helping people be and stay well. It is made up of three or more members. Mutual, peer-to-peer support is complemented by that of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and social workers. These professionals are collaborative partners in a community-led model of integrated health and home care services. Trained volunteers also play a role.

How does it work?

  • Han-group members check their blood pressure, urine and body fat with help from professionals
  • Members learn about different conditions (cancer, diabetes, stroke, dementia) and risk factors (stress, diet, drinking, smoking)
  • Goals are set to adopt eight healthy habits (lifestyle, stress, diet, exercise) and measure two health indicators (body fat, blood pressure)
  • Some groups engage in activities such as exercise and communal meals
  • Trained members provide health checks for local people in public places and events
  • Involving volunteers can assist in bringing unpaid carers into paid professional work
  • A charter sets out that service users and staff as service providers think and act together


million members, 111 health & welfare co-ops

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The views on health to which we give the greatest importance, are to change ourselves, to reach out to society and to cooperate with other people in order to enjoy a happy and active life and have a better tomorrow. On the basis of these values and views on health, we conduct our business and activities of health/nursing care and health promotion in order to promote better health in community as a whole.

HeW CO-OP JAPAN, national federation of health and welfare co-operatives

The Basic Philosophy of Health and Welfare Co-ops